1989/90  Occasional panellist on BBC Radio Scotland's Wireless Therapy, a popular health programme.

1995-97  Freelance broadcaster, BBC Radio Oxford (Walking the Dog - a regular programme of my own, presenting and interviewing;  plus a  60-minute documentary about the people, history & natural history of Otmoor)

2004  Nature’s Magic, 5-part series, BBC Radio 4 Sept '03 & Jan '04: originator, researcher and Scientific Consultant. The series mixed readings of 18th- and 19th- century accounts of unusual animal adaptations (eg. medicinal leech; electric ray; firefly) with scientists talking about the use for that adaptation in understanding modern biomedical science (eg. anticoagulant hirudin; nerve impulses; luciferase). Read about and listen to the programmes here.

2006   Leave nothing but Footprints, a radio play for the BBC's Moving Stories competition; short-listed and commended